Geaux Tigahs

The LSU Tigers have secured their spot in the history books by defeating the Clemson Tigers 42 to 25 in last night’s National Championship game.

The media and public will have zero choice but to give Ed Orgeron the credit he deserves as one of the top college coaches. With this victory in New Orleans, he has successfully washed any lingering stench that was left from his past stays at Ole Miss & USC. The most cajun man in the world now has a national championship with the LSU Tigers – very fitting.

Lets shift our focus to the boys on the field & particularly Joe Burrow. He has been the top QB all season and did not dissapoint in the last game of the season.

Today’s viz is a horizontal bar chart that compares all starting QBs who have won a National Championship in the last 10 seasons. The length of the bar is passing yards, the width of the bar is completions, the color of the bar correaponds to team color, & the grey circle is TDs.

As you can see from this viz – Deshaun Watson is the only other QB that is even in the same class as Big Dick Joe. Burrow leads this group with 463 passing yards, 5 TDs & second to only Watson in completions (56 to 49).

We all know how great Burrow has been & didn’t need a viz to tell us that, but let’s jump into the viz and explore some interesting tid bits:

  • Who the hell is Jake Coker & how did he actually win a National Championship
  • Cardale Jones won a national championship only 5 years ago but has been out of the NFL for forever
  • AJ McCarron, Trent Richardson, & Fat Eddy Lacy lead the 2011 Alabama team to a championship – what odd NFL Careers all 3 of these players have had
  • Alabama & Clemson are machines that are not slowing down anytime soon
  • Deshaun Watson is easily the best pro on this list – but Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, & Tua have not played an NFL snap. I envision Burrow being the only one that can get to the same level as Watson as an NFL QB with Lawrence a distant 2nd and Tua coming in the 3rd spot.

Now, here we sit on January 14th at the end of another amazing college football season. It flew by faster than expected, but at least there is a silver lining to the end of this season – Ed O is officially a national champion and there’s nothing anyone can do to take that away from him.

Cheers to him and Geaux Tigahs! Gumbo


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