Gambling Visuals

Official Record: 10-7 (59%)

UNC -1.5 1st Half (Pending)
New Orleans Pelicans Over 117.5 (Pending)
Indiana Pacers +3.5 (Winner)
Florida St -1.5 1st Half (Pending)
Wisconsin -2.5 1st Half (Winner)
Purdue -2 1st Half (Loser)
Kansas Under 29.5 1st Half (Loser)
Michigan St Under 38.5 1st Half (Loser)
Auburn Under 36.5 1st Half (Winner)
Wisconsin -2 1st Half (Winner)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2.18-purdue.wisconsin2-2.png
UNC Under 34.5 1st Half (Winner)
Mich/Indiana Under 65 1st Half Points (Loser)
Iowa/Minn Under 70.5 1st Half Points (Winner)
Mich State Over 34.5 1st Half Points (Loser)
WVU Under 29.5 1st Half (Winner)
Patriots Under 24.5 (Winner)
Bills +1 1st Half (Winner)
Saints Over 14.5 1st Half (Loser)
Titans/Jags Under 19 1st Half (Winner)
UH/Tulane Under 13.5 1st Q (Loser)

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