NFL Playoff Preview: Titans @ Ravens

This weekends AFC playoff matchup between the Baltimore Ravens & Tennessee Titans features two of the most dynamic rushing attacks in the NFL. Derrick Henry led all NFL players in rushing yards last year with 1,540 yards, but the most impressive rushing stat from this season comes from Lamar Jackson. Obviously he was the numberContinue reading “NFL Playoff Preview: Titans @ Ravens”

NFL Playoff Preview: Vikings @ 49ers

As it stands today Kirk Cousins is a better QB than Drew Brees – you like that? He has certainly had an up and down season but when it mattered the most – he and the Vikings D stepped up in a big way in New Orleans. The Vikings now have a new task thisContinue reading “NFL Playoff Preview: Vikings @ 49ers”

The New Puppet Master: Mike McCarthy

Jerry Jones has made his decision – he has hired Mike McCarthy to be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. McCarthy brings: experience, a Super Bowl Ring, the ability to coach a mobile QB & most importantly a lot of uncertainties. The public narrative is that Jerry is moving on from one puppetContinue reading “The New Puppet Master: Mike McCarthy”

NFL Playoff Preview: Vikings @ Saints

I am going to make this short and sweet – I am picking the New Orleans Saints 1st Half Over 14.5 Points. Take a look at the viz below. Since week 11 the Saints offense has been humming – averaging 20.8 points in the first half. In 6 of the last 7 games – theContinue reading “NFL Playoff Preview: Vikings @ Saints”

NFL Playoff Preview: Titans @ Patriots

When the Patriots square off against the Titans this Saturday in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs – they will find themselves in a scenario that is familiar yet foreign at the same time. The Patriots have been on a remarkable run beginning in 2003. They have made the playoffs in 16 out ofContinue reading “NFL Playoff Preview: Titans @ Patriots”

NFL Playoff Preview: Bills @ Texans

This week marks my favorite yearly tradition – no it isn’t the mark of a new year, or the disassembling of the Christmas decor, or the beginning of the NFL playoffs – but rather the tradition of the Houston Texans playing in the Saturday afternoon wildcard playoff slot. This year will mark the 4th timeContinue reading “NFL Playoff Preview: Bills @ Texans”

Jason Garrett Is The Perfect Representation Of The Dallas Cowboys – Mediocre

Update: Jason Garrett Has Been Fired With reports from Calvin Watkins that Jason Garrett has resumed regular duties as Cowboys head coach today – I wanted to see how truly medicore Jason Garrett is. The visual below represents Jason Garrett’s career in a nut shell. As you can see there is not much to noteContinue reading “Jason Garrett Is The Perfect Representation Of The Dallas Cowboys – Mediocre”

What Is Daily Sports Viz?

The goal for Daily Sports Viz is to present data in a simple manner so you – the consumer – can gather useful entertaining information. The content will have a primary focus on sports but will stray into a wide variety of topics. A few sample topics are: Sports Gambling, Daily Fantasy Sports, NBA, NFL,Continue reading “What Is Daily Sports Viz?”