Jason Garrett Is The Perfect Representation Of The Dallas Cowboys – Mediocre

Update: Jason Garrett Has Been Fired

With reports from Calvin Watkins that Jason Garrett has resumed regular duties as Cowboys head coach today – I wanted to see how truly medicore Jason Garrett is.

The visual below represents Jason Garrett’s career in a nut shell. As you can see there is not much to note – he has been rather mediocre.

So as we stand today, January 2nd, Jason Garrett is still the head coach of the Cowboys. It feels like Jerry wants to wait until he has the next coach signed and ready to go. He wants to make one grand gesture where we move past mediocrity (the Garrett era) & move forward with our new fancy toy (Urban Meyer / Lincoln Riley).

Well let’s hope Jerry has one more move left in his glory hole or maybe he’ll decide to strap on the headset and coach himself. Either way Jerry needs to give us Cowboy fans something to clap about – similar to Jason Garrett clapping after another holding call, or a missed field goal, or a defensive offsides, or even a 3rd and short where we are stopped at the line of scrimmage. Ah what a great 2019 it was – Go Cowboys!

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