Betting Purdue @ Wisconsin

Today we will be looking at effective FG% and how this stat will dictate the direction of our bet for the Purdue / Wisconsin game. Effective FG% measures field goal percentage adjusting for made 3-point field goals. This means 3-point field goals are 1.5 times more valuable than made 2-point field goals. This gives usContinue reading “Betting Purdue @ Wisconsin”

Visualizing Sun Salutation B

Envision a cheesy bad infomercial voice over Do you have trouble sleeping, constantly tossing and turning throughout the night? Maybe your hamstrings feel so tight you could bounce a half dollar off them? Perhaps you’re so stressed that normal every day activities are tough to complete? Lucky for you, I have the perfect product. ForContinue reading “Visualizing Sun Salutation B”

What Is Daily Sports Viz?

The goal for Daily Sports Viz is to present data in a simple manner so you – the consumer – can gather useful entertaining information. The content will have a primary focus on sports but will stray into a wide variety of topics. A few sample topics are: Sports Gambling, Daily Fantasy Sports, NBA, NFL,Continue reading “What Is Daily Sports Viz?”