Betting Michigan St @ Nebraska

Tom Izzo & the Spartans are traveling to Nebraska to take on the Corn Huskers in a Big 10 match up.

When looking at the different bets in this game, one particular bet jumped out at me. It was the 1st half total for Michigan St. Let’s take a look at the numbers & see why this number stood out so much.

Today’s viz shows how Michigan St performs in the 1st half in conference games & in particular road conference games.

As you can see from the viz above – Michigan St does not put up high totals in the 1st half in conference games & in particular road conference games. In fact, Michigan St is only averaging 29.14 1st half points in road conference games & haven’s scored more than 38 1st half points in any road conference game.

So back to why this bet jumped out to me, 38.5 points for a single team total in the 1st half is way to high – especially when you consider this is a conference road game. To put that in perspective, Michigan St would have to average just under 2 points per minute (20 minute halves) to hit this over.

Based on this number being so high & the statistics to back it up – I will be betting on the Michigan St Under. I Expect the Spartans to pull out the victory but not cover the 1st half over.

Official Pick: Michigan State Under 38.5 1st Half


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