Betting North Carolina @ Notre Dame

The Tar Heels come into today’s game against Notre Dame riding a 5 game conference losing streak. With North Carolina’s chances of making the NCAA tournament virtually demolished, it will be interesting to see how Roy Williams can motivate these young Tar Heels for the rest of the season.

Today’s visual takes a look at North Carolina’s pace of play & in particular the pace of play in road conference games.

As you can see from the viz above – UNC’s pace of play drops significantly in road conference games. With tonight’s game being played in South Bend – I predict this trend to continue.

Pace of play is a great indicator to predict points scored. For the most part – a slower pace of play equates to less points scored. This is proven in the viz below. I took all conference games & the amount of 1st half UNC points and compared them to pace of play to see if I could find a positive coorelation. Using a scatter, I found they have a positive r squared value.

A positive r squared value means these two fields are positively correlated, meaning they are directly related. This value is not very high, so take these results with a grain of salt. But remember with gambling – we are only looking for a slight advantage.

With that being said, I am taking these results and running with UNC 1st Half Under.

Official Bet: North Carolina Under 34.5 1st Half


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